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We provide consulting that you actually need.

Not time wasters.

Not money grabbers.

The Consulting Process:

1. Introductory Meeting

Our consultant will schedule a introductory meeting to develop what they want to achieve in their consulting process, the duration, and other specifics.

2. Consulting Plan Drafting

Our consulting team, as a whole, will develop a consulting plan to meet the needs of the clients.

3. Formation of Operational Teams

Our consultants will begin forming operational teams and taskforces to operate on the goals set in the introductory meeting.

4. Weekly Meetings

During this period, our consultants will schedule weekly meetings with the organisation to share the progress of the operational teams and discuss on matters on the process,

5. Final Report

After the goal is achieved, our consultants will provide a draft measuring out what they have completed, future recommendations, and other goals.

*Most of the process is very flexible, and the process will significantly differ from this standard for many clients due to the nature of our services.

"Having an opportunity to work with YouthCubed is a experience like no other for your non-profit..."

Harshan M. V.

YouthCubed 23' Alumni
Founder & Secretaries-General
GDMUN High Commission